Flights to Charleston, SC: Uncover South Carolina's Historic Jewel

Have you been dreaming of strolling through the cobblestone streets of Charleston, South Carolina? Is the tantalizing taste of Southern cuisine beckoning you? Don't fret, dear traveler! Our comprehensive guide to getting your wings in order and securing your one-way ticket to Southern charm is here!

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Charleston International Airport (CHS): Your Gateway to Southern Hospitality

Located just 12 miles northwest of downtown Charleston, the Charleston International Airport (CHS) is your primary airport for a rendezvous with this enchanting city. With a variety of airlines based here, you'll be spoiled for choice! Major carriers like American Airlines, Delta, United, and Southwest offer regular flights to Charleston, while boutique airlines like JetBlue, Alaska, and Allegiant Air provide a touch of uniqueness to your journey.

The Charleston Soiree: Ticket Categories & Price Points

The adventure begins the moment you start searching for the perfect airfare to Charleston. Whether you're a budget-savvy backpacker or a first-class aficionado, there's a ticket category that suits your wallet and taste buds!

Economy Class: For the frugal flyer, economy class offers a no-frills, cost-effective option to reach the land of sweet tea and shrimp and grits. Affordable airfare, here we come!

Premium Economy: Craving a little more legroom? The premium economy option is your golden ticket to Charleston! With extra space, upgraded meals, and priority boarding, you'll arrive in style without breaking the bank.

Business Class: Take your flying experience up a notch with business class! Enjoy lie-flat seats, scrumptious in-flight dining, and lounge access as you soar through the clouds to the heart of the Lowcountry.

First Class: For the ultimate in luxury, first-class tickets grant you access to a world of decadence as you jet-set to Charleston. Sip on champagne, indulge in gourmet meals, and revel in personalized service fit for royalty.

The journey begins

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Getting Around Charleston

Once your feet touch down in Charleston, you'll find an array of transportation options to whisk you away to your next adventure! From buses and trolleys to rideshares and rental cars, the city is your oyster!

CARTA Buses: Charleston's public transit system, CARTA, operates throughout the city and its surrounding areas. Hop on Route 4 (Airport Express) for a quick and wallet-friendly trip from CHS to downtown Charleston.

Trolleys: For a charming twist on public transportation, Charleston's DASH Trolley service offers three routes in the downtown area. Jump aboard at any of the trolley stops and explore the city's historic charm for free!

Rideshare Services: Uber and Lyft offer convenient options for navigating the city with ease. Just open your app, request a ride, and be on your way to exploring Charleston's picturesque streets in no time.

Rental Cars: For those who prefer to be behind the wheel, numerous car rental companies are available at the airport. Choose from an array of vehicle options, and you'll be cruising the streets of Charleston with the wind in your hair.

Now that you're armed with all the essential information to conquer the skies and secure your journey to Charleston, don't forget to pack your sense of adventure and a healthy appetite! The Holy City awaits your arrival, and we can't wait to hear all about your escapades in this bewitching Southern destination. Safe travels, and we'll see you in Charleston!